Once placing your order with us we will be in contact within 2-3 days to check in about our stock levels and if we have what you need, you will receive a separate updated invoice via email.

We can build on your order as we go although we do have a 1 week holding time limit and will need to close the sale in that time. If you do not communicate with us and abandon your order we will revoke your account access.

Follow us on Instagram to keep up to date with new shipments and restocks every week. We are always available to send you through photos/videos and chat if there are specific or special things you may be after. Just send through a DM on our private Instagram (@aquariuswholesale), Facebook, or give us a call.

All our photos and measurements represent our stock as accurately as possible. Keep in mind you will not receive exact pieces in any said photos, every crystal is unique and no two the same. Our pricing is subject to change.

Please be aware we may and will be sold out of things listed on the website. We do sell out quite often due to our large customer base but do our best to provide what we can and have the basics available. Certain items can be harder to source at times, but our website is a catalogue of what we regularly have in cycles throughout the year.

Orders will be sent out only after payment has been received, we do not do COD.

Our minimum is $300+GST for the first purchase, every purchase afterwards is $150+GST.